(4PM) Philippines: remnants of INVEST 90W to the east of Mindanao ( satellite animations )

07UTC, 03PM(PH)
07UTC, 03PM(PH)

Recent publications: https://www.meteo974.re/West-Pacific-92W-development-unlikely-next-48hours-Some-models-hint-at-some-development-after-72h_a816.html

The remnants of INVEST 90W can been seen approaching the east coast of Mindanao/Philippines on the satellite animations below.

The disturbance is very weak wind-wise but could bring some thunder-storms and rain over parts of east Mindanao within the next 6/12hours.

Please check with your local met agency for details.

Patrick Hoareau.

Rédigé par PATRICK HOAREAU le Samedi 11 Mai 2019 à 12:55