BONGOYO named by MMS/Vacoas

2020 DEC 07 09h Local Time
MMS/Vacoas wrote:

Special Weather Bulletin

Mon, Dec 7, 2020
Mauritius Meteorological Services
Tropical Weather Outlook issued at 09.30 hours on Monday 07 December 2020
The Mauritius Meteorological Services has been following a shallow low-pressure area far to the northeast of our area of responsibility since last week. This low took some time to develop because it was evolving in an unfavourable environment with strong vertical wind shear.
At first the system moved east-south-east and then as from Friday evening it assumed a south-southwest track. Convective activity near the centre pick up gradually at the start of the weekend, and on Sunday 06 December satellite imageries indicated a curved band pattern developing gradually. The low had intensified into a tropical disturbance.
The tropical disturbance continued to intensify over the night as it moved in a region with weak vertical wind shear and good divergence aloft. At 0400 hours this morning it was already a tropical depression.
At 0900 hours this morning (Monday 07 December 2020) while the tropical depression was located at about 2690 km to the East North East of Mauritius, that is, near latitude 14.6 degrees South and 82.4 degrees East, observations indicate that it has now reached the Moderate Tropical Storm intensity. Therefore, it is being named BONGOYO
The moderate tropical storm is moving in a general west-south-west direction at a speed of about 20 km/h.
Outlook from weather models.
Most numerical models agree to maintain this intensity until tomorrow. Thereafter, Bongoyo will encounter strong wind shear again and it will weaken into a depression. The system will continue to fill up and eventually be entrained in the easterlies.
Weather at Mauritius and Rodrigues
Moderate tropical storm Bongoyo will not directly influence weather at Mauritius. Few clouds associated with the remnant of Bongoyo are likely to give few showers at Rodrigues by the end of the week.
The system is being closely monitored and this bulletin will be updated tomorrow, Tuesday 08 December 2020 at around 10.00 hours.
07 December 2020

Météosat-8 0545UTC. Enhanced by PH
Météosat-8 0545UTC. Enhanced by PH
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